First mobility in Gioia del Colle, Italy

Students from Greece, Italy,  Latvia, Poland and Spain meet next Sunday in Italy. This first international mobility will be hold from Sunday the 4th to Friday the 9th.

Ic “Carano Mazzini” school in Gioia del Colle has prepared several activities to make students, teachers and parents take part in the first international meeting of the Erasmus + Project The cultural mosaic of Europe -Influences and cross-influences in European civilization” n. 2017-1-PL01-KA219-038338 (2017-2019) while helping their guests experience their culture and know better their country.

All the participants are excited to get to know each other.

Italian hosts.
Left to right: Michele, Stefano, Valeria, Mattia, Alessia, Alina, Cristina, Martina, Chiara, Sofia, Elena, Anita, Agostina, Maria Neve, Diletta, Gioele, Morena, Giorgia, Fabio.
Spanish_Italy Erasmus.jpeg
Spanish guests. Left to right: Daniel Romero, Laura Luque, Aida García, Marina Acosta, David Arrebola y Ana Cano
Polish guests. Left to right:  Janek , Kamil, Zuzia, Laura
Greek guests. Left to right:  Janek , Kamil, Zuzia, Laura
Latvian guests. Left to right: Kristina Locika, Kristina Zuboviča, Anastasija 


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