First proposed task

Flags_cooperation.jpgFrom the very beginning, we wanted our students to be aware of our international school partnership, so we proposed them to create a poster to represent Reyes Católicos High School in the Erasmus + project and show the cooperative work of the five countries involved in the project: Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Spain.

Our objective

  1. Develop key competences throughout the project.
  2. Use cooperative work.
  3. Involve the students in a school project.

Team work

The students worked cooperatively in groups of 4 or 5 students. They used digital tools.


The students had 4 weeks to complete their project; some of them made several drafts before sending their final copy. All of them met the deadline.


Create a digital poster (image and text) to show the international partnership with Poland, Italy, Latvia and Greece in an Erasmus + project.


Canva was proposed as a digital tool.

Phases of the activity

Phase 1. Students created the poster with the Canva tool and shared it with their teachers.

Phase 2. The teachers selected the best posters in each class and shared them with their colleagues.

Phase 3.The best poster was chosen among the selected ones.



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